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Virtually every entity in the commercial industry; whether manufacturing, distribution or storage requires the services of pallets for transportation and distribution of goods. Pallets have now become the new industry standards. Every pallet, however, comes at a price, and when you require the services of pallets, you may require lots of them. Unless it's an absolute necessity, there's no reason to go for the pricey new pallets. A company is better off with the relatively cheaper remanufactured pallets.

Pallet remanufacturing is the process of constructing "new" pallets with recycled lumber. A remanufactured pallet is essentially a custom-made pallet built from other pallets. It should be noted that remanufactured pallets, however, are different from used pallets. The pallets are constructed of new lumber and used components. The remanufactured pallets sport the same quality and strength as a new pallet.

At CPSPALLETS, we specialize in pallet remanufacturing. We start the remanufacturing process by using specialized disassembly equipment to break down the unusable pallets and salvage the useful components for reuse. The remanufacturing process is environmentally friendly since the salvaged components are reclaimed rather than being discarded in landfills. In addition, in most cases, the remanufacture pallet is similar to a new pallet.

The remanufactured pallets can be built using custom specifications, standard sizes, or virtually any pallet size. This is particularly beneficial to the industries that are in need of odd-sized or custom pallets. And because the remanufactured product only uses recycled pallet wood from other pallets, it helps to cut the cost and save approximately 20-40% over buying a new pallet.

Whether you require a custom-sized pallet or require the aesthetics of your current pallet to be as close to new, pallet remanufacturing is the way to go.

Specializing in making new pallets

We also specialize in custom size and wood crates.


Different companies have got different needs. What is ideal for one company may not necessarily fit the need of the other company. This is particularly true when it comes to the pallet design- and that is just fine. CPSPALLETS new custom pallets have got you covered.

There are numerous reasons why your business requires new custom pallets. A customized pallet can support your product properly. Thus it might lead to a possible lower packaging cost since the pallet makes it easy and more convenient to handle your product. Moreover, custom made pallet provides additional protection to your goods since the new custom made pallets allows a snug fit of the goods; this particularly important in case you're transporting delicate and fragile goods such as glasses, fruits or eggs.

A custom-made pallet is convenient in many ways. For example, the pallets place less material in the waste stream by optimizing the available space. This means that the pallets will save on your transportation costs, and ensure a single pallet will hold the maximum volume of goods. Additionally, if you require a storage pallet in your warehouse or home, a new custom-made pallet will similarly save on your storage space, allowing you to maximize your space.

At CPSPALLETS, we have an in-house design team that specializes in the design and modelling of custom pallets. Our professionals use specialized 3-D computer modelling programs to either create a new custom pallet or redesign an existing pallet to conform to your specification. Here, we avoid costly practices such as over-modelling and over-engineering; we only provide simple and modest custom pallets are can conveniently serve your purpose. This helps in saving time, resources, and lowers construction costs.

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The heat treatment of wood, cases, and pallets is critical to the safety of the consumers. With the ongoing news developments concerning the recall of products, especially within the pharmaceuticals and food industries as a result of toxic chemical traces from the fumigation of the wooden crates and pallets, sterilization through heat treatment is the only safe option that can guarantee the safety of the consumer.

As the world step closer to the implementation of a global standard for the treatment of wood packaging (The International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging ISPM15), CPSPALLETS has been on the frontline in offering their clients heat-treated pallets.

Currently, heat-treated pallets are considered the height of the wood industry standard and are considered a superior option.

Unlike their chemical treated counterparts, the heat-treated pallets do not pose any health risk to the end-users or the environment whatsoever. Unlike the heat-treated pallets, disposal of chemical pallets is similarly challenging. When the chemical pallets reach their end of the cycle, they cannot be dumped into landfills or burned. Moreover, the pallets cannot be used freely because of the chemical leaching danger and have limited reuse-ability.

Why Choose CPSPALLETS Heat-treated Pallets.

There're numerous benefits as to why many industries are opting for heat-treated pallets. For a start, the pallets are good for the environment. Consistent study research shows that what is good for the environment is also good for business. The heat-treated pallets are durable and long-lasting; this means that less production of the pallets thus less production of carbon gases, and also cuts down the business's expenditure costs. Another reason to get a heat-treated pallet is the fact that the pallet can be refurbished in case it breaks down. Refurbished pallets are akin to new pallets in all aspects.

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CPS Pallets has a pickup service for your broken or repairable pallets

Shipping and transportation are often hard on materials and equipment. With pallets being the support edifice for the goods, they easily bear the brunt of wear and tear. For example, when pallets enter the shipping stream as it travels to its destination (boat, truck or air), the pallets are transported in the warehouse and shipping yards through forklifts and skid-lifters. The pallets are then packed for storage before they're unloaded. Once unloaded, they're sent to the pickup point. This vicious cycle will ultimately cause damage to the pallets. In fact, more than 75% of the pallets require an immediate pallet repair, while 15% are recycled.

Fortunately, wood pallets are repairable, and recyclable-both which are useful for environmental purposes. CPSPALLETS, not only specializes in pallet recycling services but also provides pallet repair services. It's important to realize that repaired pallets are crucial, and damaged pallets pose a potential safety risk to both the goods and the products.

Damaged pallets are associated with a decrease in strength tolerance, sharp edges, and missing hardware. The above properties provide a recipe for disaster and can cause accidents or damage. All repaired pallets must adhere to the ISPM 15 standards, meaning that the pallets can be efficiently repaired, and allowed to recirculate.

Pallet repair is a key ingredient in maintaining an eco-friendly pallet manufacturing and distribution process. The CPSPALLETS pallet repair services ensure that the life-cycle of pallets extends longer, and this helps in minimizing the impact on the environment since the toxic wastes associated with pallet manufacture will be cut.

Apart from offering convenience, repaired pallets will save your business from unnecessary costs, time, and resources.

Why not visit CPSPALLETS, for all your pallet repair needs?