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There's a need to prevent products from getting damaged during the transportation process. The need has spurred the urge to settle on palatalized deliveries. Currently, palatalized deliveries form a crucial aspect of commercial and industrial firms. With the rise of containerization transport, pallets were increasingly becoming a favorite choice for effective transportation methods and reduced damage risk. Pallets are slowly overtaking the use of kegs, barrels, boxes, and crates due to their simple structures and effectiveness for safe transportation methods. Moreover, it's the transfer of products using pallets that make the movements of goods inside a warehouse fast and simple.

As a busy purchasing manager, you don't need the hassle of trying to coordinate the transport of your pallet load. Let the experts handle all the pallet transportation. Transporting big cargo loads and consignments can be particularly challenging. At CPSPALLETS, we understand the need of hiring a specialist for all your pallet delivery.

With a fleet of trucks, semi-trucks, vans, and some of the most dependable drivers behind the wheel, you can rest be assured that we've all it takes to ensure that you get your pallet delivery when you need it.

Some of the pallet delivery goods such as fruits are highly perishable and delicate. For this reason, you require a customized truck that has an inbuilt refrigeration or cooling system to ensure that your products are delivered in their natural state. Moreover, we are acutely aware of the importance of timely delivery of goods.

When you choose to do your pallet transportation through CPSPALLETS, you'll enjoy several delivery options such as combined delivery, multi-address delivery, and short-leg delivery, low prices, on-time delivery, a can-do attitude, and no excuse service. Contact us for all your pallet transportation needs.

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Do you store your pallets on pallet racks? Do you multi-stack them 3-4 times high? Are the boxes properly supported by the top deck's board of the pallets to prevent them from toppling over? Is your pallet design accessible through a pallet jack? All the above questions can be answered with a Pallet Design System analysis performed by a professional at CPSPALLETS.

A Pallet Design System, or rather a PDS, is a computer-aided engineering tool used to design pallets. The specification tool was developed at Virginia Tech University in conjunction with the NWPCA and the USA Forest Service. Essentially, a PDS takes the guesswork out of your pallet specifications and ensures that your pallet is not over-engineered using an unnecessary amount of lumber. PDS provides a precise blueprint that ensures that the timber and pallet packaging are fit for purpose, and can assist in risk reduction in the dynamic part of your business.

One of the major reasons you should contact CPSPALLEETS for the Pallet Design System is the safety of your products and crew. PDS can examine, analyze and provide suggestions on the performance of a pallet in a rack system. Whether the pallet is a single stacked or multiple stacked in a warehouse, being lifted by a forklift, or any other scenario, PDS can provide a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of the pallet. The safety factor that is inbuilt can guarantee the pallet to hold a calculated weight with utmost precision.

Through PDS, a company can improve the quality of the pallets, thus making it possible to optimize the space, allow easy handling of goods, and ultimately reduce operational costs.

CPSPALLETS are the experts in PDS analysis. Contact us for more information on PDS analysis.

Corporate Pallet Service


Pallets destined to leave the country or rather exported must be treated to meet the International ISPM 15 Standards. The ISPM standard is a regulation that was put in place to prevent the manifestation of toxic chemicals on exported goods, and inhibit the spread of bacteria, diseases, and pests to foreign destinations.

One of the requirements of the ISPM standards requires that all pallets undergo a heat treatment process. The heat treatment is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and reliable sterilization method. It requires the pallets to be subjected to a core temperature of 56oC (133oF) or a minimum of thirty minutes. Another alternative process is the Methyl Bromide (MB) Fumigation. Although not as effective as the heat-treatment method, it's a requirement under the ISPM-15 standards.
CPSPALLETS is certified to manufacture and treat wooden packaging pallets under The American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) that administers the U.S. certification program for heat treatment.

Here we manufacture pallets, take them through our sophisticated heat treatment program, and stamp the heat-treated pallets for export. We have an in-house heat treatment kiln chamber that is used to certify all the heat-treated pallets for export to ensure that our clients` products are not held at the border or delayed.

At CPSPALLETS, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with an intelligent and environmentally friendly solution. Our services reduce the handling costs with the ability to export on pallets matching the importer country's pallet specification. Moreover, heat-treated pallets for export decrease the capital expenditure since there's no need to buy export pallets; you can either buy or hire pallets for export from CPSPALLETS.

Simplify your export logistics by requesting heat-treated pallets for export service from CPSPALLETS.

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