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Pallet Transportation

There`s need to prevent products from getting damaged during the transportation process. The need has spurred the urge to settle on palatalized deliveries. Currently, palatalized deliveries form a crucial aspect of commercial and industrial firms. With the rise of the containerization transport, pal...

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Pallet Design System

Do you store your pallets on pallet racks? Do you multi-stack them 3-4 times high? Are the boxes properly supported by top decks board of the pallets to prevent them from toppling over? Is your pallet design accessible through a pallet jack? All the above questions can be answered with a Pallet Desi...

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Heat Treated Pallets for Export

Pallets destined to leave the country or rather exported must be treated to meet the International ISPM 15 Standards. The ISPM standard is a regulation that was put in place to prevent the manifestation of toxic chemicals on exported goods, and inhibit the spread of bacteria, diseases, and pests to ...

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