Pallet Design System

Pallet Design System

Do you store your pallets on pallet racks? Do you multi-stack them 3-4 times high? Are the boxes properly supported by top decks board of the pallets to prevent them from toppling over? Is your pallet design accessible through a pallet jack? All the above questions can be answered with a Pallet Design System analysis performed by professional at CPSPALLETS.

A Pallet Design System, or rather a PDS, is a computer aided engineering tool used to design pallets. The specification tool was developed at Virginia Tech University in conjunction with the NWPCA and the USA Forest Service. Essentially, a PDS takes the guesswork out of your pallet specifications and ensures that your pallet is not over engineered using an unnecessary amount of lumber. PDS provides a precise blueprint that ensures that the timber and pallet packaging are fit for purpose, and can assist in risk reduction in the dynamic part of your business.

One of the major reason you should contact CPSPALLEETS for Pallet Design System is the safety of your products and crew. PDS can examine, analyze and provide suggestion on the performance of a pallet in a rack system. Whether the pallet is a single stacked or multiple stacked in a warehouse, being lifted by a forklift or any other scenario, PDS can provide a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of the pallet. The safety factor that is inbuilt can guarantee the pallet to hold a calculated weight with utmost precision.

Through PDS, a company can improve the quality of the pallets, thus making it possible to optimize on the space, allow easy handling of goods, and ultimately reduce the operational costs.

CPSPELLETS are the experts in PDS analysis. Contact us for more information on PDS analysis.