Heat Treated Pallets for Export

Heat Treated Pallets for Export

Pallets destined to leave the country or rather exported must be treated to meet the International ISPM 15 Standards. The ISPM standard is a regulation that was put in place to prevent the manifestation of toxic chemicals on exported goods, and inhibit the spread of bacteria, diseases, and pests to foreign destinations.

One of the requirements of the ISPM standards requires that all pallets undergo heat treatment process. The heat-treatment is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and reliable sterilization method. It requires the pallets to be subjected to a core temperature of 56oC (133oF) or a minimum of thirty minutes. Another alternative process is the Methyl Bromide (MB) Fumigation. Although not as effective as the heat-treatment method, it`s a requirement under the ISPM-15 standards.

CPSPELLETS is certified to manufacture and treat wooden packaging pallets under The American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) that administers the U.S. certification program for heat treatment. Here we manufacture pallets, take them through our sophisticated heat treatment program, and stamp the heat treated pallets for export. We have an in-house heat treatment kiln chamber that is used to certify all the heat treated pallets for export to ensure that our clients` products are not held at the border or delayed.

At CPSPELLETS, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with an intelligent and environmentally friendly solution. Our services reduce the handling costs with the ability to export on pallets matching the importer country`s pallet specification. Moreover, heat treated pallets for export decrease the capital expenditure since there`s no need to buy export pallets; you can either buy or hire pallets for export from CPSPELLETS.

Simplify your export logistics by requesting a heat treated pallets for export service from CPSPELLETS.