Repaired pallets

Repaired pallets

Shipping and transportation is often hard on materials and equipment’s; and pallets being the support edifice for the goods, they easily bear the brunt of wear and tear. For example, when pallets enter the shipping stream as it travels to its destination (boat, truck or air), the pallets are transported in the warehouse and shipping yards through forklifts and skid-lifters. The pallets are then packed for storage before they`re unloaded. Once unloaded, they`re sent to the pickup point. This vicious cycle will ultimately cause damage to the pallets. In fact, more than 75% of the pallets require an immediate pallet repair, while the 15% are recycled.

Fortunately, wood pallets are repairable, and recyclable-both which are useful for environmental purposes. CPSPALLETS, not only specializes in the pallet recycling services but also provide pallet repair services. It`s important to realize that repaired pallets are crucial, and damaged pallets pose a potential safety risk to both the goods and the products. Damaged pallets are associated with a decrease in strength tolerance, sharp edges, and missing hardware. The above properties provide a recipe for disaster and can cause accidents or damage. All repaired pallets must adhere to the ISPM 15 standards, meaning that the pallets can be efficiently repaired, and allowed to recirculate.</p

Pallet repair is a key ingredient in maintaining an eco-friendly pallet manufacturing and distribution process. The CPSPALLETS pallet repair services ensure that the life-cycle of a give pallets extends longer, and this helps in minimizing the impact on the environment since the toxic wastes associated with pallet manufacture will be cut.

Apart from offering convenience, repaired pallets will save your business from unnecessary costs, time, and resources.

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