Remanufactured pallets

Remanufactured pallets

Virtually every entity in the commercial industry; whether manufacturing, distribution or storage requires the services of pallets for transportation and distribution of goods. Pallets have now become the new industry standards. Every pallet, however, comes at a price, and when you require the services of pallets, you may require lots of them. Unless it`s an absolute necessity, there`s no reason to go for the pricey new pallets. A company is better off with the relatively cheaper remanufactured pallets.

Pallet remanufacturing is the process of constructing “new” pallets with recycled lumber. A remanufactured pallet is essentially a custom made pallet built from other pallets. It should be noted that remanufactured pallets, however, are different from used pallets. The pallets are constructed of new lumber and used components. The remanufactured pallets sports the same quality and strength of a new pallet.

At CPSPALLETS, we specialize in the pallet remanufacturing. We start the remanufacturing process by using specialized disassembly equipments to break down the unusable pallets and salvage the useful components for reuse. The remanufacturing process is environmentally friendly since the salvaged components are reclaimed rather than being discarded in the landfills. In addition, in most cases, the remanufacture pallet is similar to a new pallet.

The remanufactured pallets can be built using custom specifications, standard sizes, or virtually any pallet size. This is particularly beneficial to the industries that are in need of odd-sized or custom pallets. And because the remanufactured product only uses recycled pallet wood from other pallets, it helps to cut the cost and save approximately 20-40% over buying a new pallet.

Whether you require a custom sized pallet or require the aesthetics of your current pallet to be as close to new, pallet remanufacturing is the way to go.