Heat treated pallets

Heat treated pallets

The heat treatment of wood, cases and pallets is critical to the safety of the consumers. With the ongoing news developments concerning the recall of products, especially within the pharmaceuticals and food industries as a result of toxic chemical traces from the fumigation of the wooden crates and pallets, sterilization through heat treatment is the only safe option that can guarantee the safety of the consumer.

As the world step closer to the implementation of a global standard for treatment of wood packaging (The International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging ISPM15), CPSPALLETS has been on the frontline in offering their clients with heat-treated pallets.

Currently, heat-treated pallets are considered the height of the wood industry standard and are considered as a superior option. Unlike their chemical treated counterparts, the heat-treated pallets do not pose any health risk to the end-users or the environment whatsoever. Unlike the heat-treated pallets, disposal of chemical pallets is similarly challenging. When the chemical pallets reach their end of the cycle, they cannot be dumped into landfills or burned. Moreover, the pallets cannot be used freely because of the chemical leaching danger and have limited reuse-ability.

Why Choose CPSPALLETS Heat-treated Pallets.

There`re numerous benefits as to why many industries are opting for heat-treated pallets. For a start, the pallets are good for the environment. Consistent study research shows that what is good for the environment is also good for business. The heat-treated pallets are durable and long lasting; this means that less production of the pallets thus less production of carbon gases, and also cuts down the business’s expenditure costs. Another reason to get a heat-treated pallet is the fact that the pallet can be refurbished in case it breaks down. Refurbished pallets are akin to new pallets in all aspects.