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New custom pallets

Different companies have got different needs. What is ideal for one company may not necessarily fit the need of the other company. This is particularly true when it comes to the pallet design- and that is just fine. CPSPALLETS new custom pallets have got you covered. There are numerous reasons wh...

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Heat treated pallets

The heat treatment of wood, cases and pallets is critical to the safety of the consumers. With the ongoing news developments concerning the recall of products, especially within the pharmaceuticals and food industries as a result of toxic chemical traces from the fumigation of the wooden crates and ...

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Repaired pallets

Shipping and transportation is often hard on materials and equipment’s; and pallets being the support edifice for the goods, they easily bear the brunt of wear and tear. For example, when pallets enter the shipping stream as it travels to its destination (boat, truck or air), the pallets are trans...

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Remanufactured pallets

Virtually every entity in the commercial industry; whether manufacturing, distribution or storage requires the services of pallets for transportation and distribution of goods. Pallets have now become the new industry standards. Every pallet, however, comes at a price, and when you require the servi...

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