Pallet FAQ’s

Re-manufactured pallets are those that are built with recycled lumber. But they are different from used ones. Being constructed of used components and new lumber, they have the same strength and quality like a new pallet. The entire process is environment friendly. These pallets can be constructed
using standard sizes, custom specifications or any other size.

To design a pallet, we use an enhanced system which is a computer aided engineering tool. This system is developed by Virginia Tech University in collaboration of the USA Forest Service and NWPCA. It gives a blueprint which ensures that the pallet packaging and timber are fit for purpose. It also helps in risk reduction in the business dynamic part.

While placing an order with us, you have to share with us your specific requirements such as new/used, lumber type – softwood or hard wood, and size. Also, whether you require an extra
stringer or not, if the weight is too heavy. Plus, you have to share the stringer length and then, the deck board length.

You can measure pallet with two numbers in inches. The first one is the measurement of the runner and stringer and the second one is the measure of the board. A pallet board lays flat across the top
and bottom and on the other hand, the stringers run in between them being a support.

The cost may vary as per pallet size and quality. As well, the price of used and new pallets may also differ. If you want to know our pricing, then you can contact our staff members anytime either by phone or via filling an online form.

To buy our pallets, you can either give us a phone call or drop a mail. Either, you can submit an online contact us form.