About Us

About Corporate Pallet Service Inc.

CPSPALLTES is a pellet management firm that delivers value and quality to its clients. Through customized pallet management system, innovative pallet solution, pallet delivery, innovative pallet distribution, CPSPALLET has turned to be one of the most reputable and credible pallet management firms in the United States.

CPSPALLET was founded on a strong set of values that include, honesty, credibility, hard-work, unique services, and remarkable customer support. Moreover, our firm has built a strong reputation with clients from coast to coast in the United States. Our ever growing list of clients is a clear testimonial of our dedication, quality services, and work ethic. It`s interesting to note that more than 65% of our clients are either repeat clients or referred clients; this demonstrates our prowess in quality service delivery.

But what probably sets us apart from the rest of our competitors in the pallet management solution domain are our employees. At CPSPALLET our staff are our greatest resource. Every day they combine their expertise, training, experience, and hard work to offer you with the best pallet solution. We constantly engage our staff in training programs to hone their skills and keep hem abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

Another reason that makes us pacesetters in the industry is our superior infrastructure and technology. Here, we pride ourselves for having high-tech resources and system to guarantee precision, premium quality, and uniformity. For example, our Pallet Design System, PDS, ensures that our clients are provided with computer-optimized pallet designs that save on cost, time, resources, and space.

Finally, our tradition plays an integral role in our service delivery. At CPSPALLET, we have a result-oriented culture that flows in all our blood.